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Kemi Nelson is a driven businesswoman with years of experience working as a data and analytics executive in corporate contexts. She lives in Texas, and most recently at USAA, worked as the Director of Strategy and Business Architecture for Property and Casualty insurance (P&C) after serving as a Data Decision Science Analytics Leader at the top Financial Services’ Bank. Kemi Nelson is a natural-born leader who is passionate about driving business growth. She has built a glowing reputation in her professional network and strives to inspire and elevate talent everywhere she goes.

Academically, Kemi Nelson commands cognitive prowess, a platform she uses to lead others to high performance. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, where she graduated with first-class honors and was the first female to graduate from the program Summa Cum Laude. She then attended the University of Texas for her Master in Electrical Engineering and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Strategic Leadership with Data, which she expects to complete in 2024. Kemi Nelson has also embraced other learning opportunities throughout her career, participating in multiple training courses to expand her skill set.

One of Kemi Nelson’s earlier roles was working as an Operations Analysis Manager for Capital One in Plano, Texas. She led a small team and was responsible for strategy, analytical financial data, and incentives. In her few short years with the company, Kemi Nelson worked to develop new programs and improve the team’s operations, increasing revenue and performance. This pattern has continued throughout her other professional roles. At GE Capital Americas, she earned multiple Above and Beyond awards and several certifications. She has consistently been recognized as a strong leader who drives results and helps her teams understand and interpret critical business data.

Kemi Nelson takes her role as a business leader very seriously. She values each team member as a whole person she has been entrusted with and strives to help individuals maximize their talents and potential. Regardless of the context, she takes a loving approach coupled with exceptionally high expectations, helping her reports grow in their performance to reach shared goals. Kemi Nelson is a “champion raiser,” leading younger professionals and aspiring students to new heights through her extensive expertise.

Beyond her thriving professional career, Kemi Nelson also loves to spend time with her family and volunteer in the community. She has helped local schools as a financial advisor, volunteered for New Hearts of Texas retreats, and more. Additionally, she has founded her own college preparatory program called ChampRISER International. Through this organization, Kemi Nelson and her team help students and parents prepare for and go through the college admissions process, ensuring more students can reach their full potential by finding the perfect educational match.

Past Positions


VP Finance Strategy & Analytics

MenTeach | Jan 2015 – Dec 2020
In this role, Kemi Nelson worked in nonprofit grant strategy and analytics, nonprofit financial analysis, and accounting and controllership. 

VP of Data Analytics

BlueStem Brands | Apr 2016 – Feb 2018
As Interim VP, Kemi worked in financial credit operational data strategy, financial portfolio data strategy, credit financial planning & analysis, and predictive financial planning and analysis.

Director Quantitative FP&A (Credit Risk)

BlueStem Brands | Jan 2016 – Apr 2016
In her first role with Bluestem Brands as Director, Kemi worked in predictive analytics, quantitative credit risk analytics, and FP&A for Private Label Credit Card.

Volunteer Work

  • Citizen Advisor | Eden Prairie Schools Finance Advisory Committee January 2011 – January 2018
  • SOAR Scholar Mentor | Law Office of Amber Russell (LOAR) February 2023 – Present

  • Youth & Children’s Minister | Redeemed Christian Church of God, Assembly of God Church, others August 1998 – Present
  • AAF Global Finance Co-Chair, GE Women’s Network Commercial Pod Leader | GE January 2013 – September 2015
  • Executive Finance Member | July 2010 – Present



University of Ibadan |
BSc., Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The University of Texas at Arlington |
MSc., Electrical Engineering

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